Passion in Action: Travel Now & Travel Often

I am currently exploring Europe on a family vacation and it got me to thinking...If I could narrow down my passions in life to two areas it would be travel and empowering others to be the best version of themselves. Travel has long been a true love of mine. When I first had the opportunity to travel abroad, I thought to myself - "How cool would it be to do this for a living!?" I quickly erased that thought from my mind, though, because I was never encouraged to do unconventional things in life or with my career. The rule was go to school, get a job and retire in that job once you've worked it for 45 years. In the back of my mind I always thought this formula was a little bit off. However,I wouldn't realize how off put I was by it until later in my adulthood (at the age of 30 to be exact). My first exposure to a different culture happened to be tied to my faith (read below to read a snippet of what this experience included).

Some opportunities come along to give you a glimpse into what is possible. Individuals may describe them as the spark needed to light the flame that you will come back to eventually in life. For me that time came 17 years later (on this very trip).

Now, back to describing my first opportunity abroad. It was my senior year in high school and I was an active youth leader in my church and preparing for my last season as a dedicated track and field athlete. My first opportunity abroad was one that many desired to experience. It was a trip to the Holy Land and Egypt. We toured significant sites connected to the Christian and Jewish faith in Israel, Nazareth Jerusalem, and many others.  Highlights of this trip was being baptized in the Jordan River and praying at the Western (Wailing) Wall. The sounds of the prayers coming from those who were giving reverence to God caused me to have goosebumps. I couldn't have asked for a more life changing experience as an 18 year old. 

Fast forward four years later and another opportunity was presented to me to travel abroad my senior year in college. Again, I was an avid track and field athlete and an active student leader on campus. This time the destination itinerary included a European tour with the Gospel Messengers choir through England, France and Germany. We experienced historic sites in every city (6 to be exact), 4 start hotel accommodations, home-stays and intimate interactions with the local people in each town. After this second time abroad, I had caught the travel bug and dreamed of being able to commit more time to my second love (at the time track and field was my first as you probably could have figured). 

Well, life happened and I fully regret putting travel on the back burner. I thought about all the places I could go, but "time and money" got in the way of me doing so. When I had the adulthood realization that life is suppose to be about experiences over things, I quickly had a shift in my philosophy of what  my version freedom could look like. For me its about making an impact. It's about enjoying my career to the fullest while also exploring my entrepreneurial journey without hesitation and shame. When I created Alma & Eva for the second time around (the first was an unaligned venture into greeting cards and wall art that was not a good fit. What the hell was I thinking?) I knew that my purpose in life was aligned with my passion. I knew that I could marry the two areas of my life that meant the most - empowering others and travel. 

So as I sit here on this vacation using my perks as a travel and personal development entrepreneur, I know that my passion in action is being actualized as it should be. I am officially done with what others may say about my pursuits and I wrote this blog to hopefully inspire those of you who are on the fence of pursing what you are post passionate about to take the leap. Take my lead and don't worry about what others may think or say about your efforts. They are not living your life and are not in control of your destiny. Seek God for direction on how you should live out  your purpose and watch things fall into place and begin to flourish. I am a living example.

Feel free to follow along our European journey as a family by following my IG pages: @iam_vmichelle,  @almaandeva or my Nourish Life Travel Facebook Group (the translation of Alma & Eva is nourish about a divine connection that was meant to be!) Until next time, continue to live your life of Passion & Purpose.