If You Want It, Then Build It.

I was attending a work conference recently when one of the speakers made a compelling statement during his acceptance speech for an award. His statement was this: “If you want a job, then start a company.”

This individual is a venture capitalist who invested in companies like Facebook, Snapchat, Slack and Venmo (just to name a few). He was no stranger to success. He made millions of dollars from companies that started as an idea from an individual or group of individuals. I would go so far as to say that he was gifted in his ability to discern an idea’s potential for great influence and profit. The awardee encouraged the attendees to follow their entrepreneurial pursuits and I couldn’t help but take his remarks as a personal affirmation of what I am building with Alma & Eva.

The gist of the message for me was “Whatever you want in life, build it.” Whether it’s happiness, your own business, or a community of supportive individuals keeping you motivated to pursue your passions; the ability to find success in these areas are all based upon your action. Don’t wait on someone else to give you the green light to pursue what you desire. You must have the ability to move based upon your own intrinsic ambitions. After all, you deserve to live a fulfilling life and you can! God intended it to be that way.

What have you been stagnant in pursuing? What barriers do you need to get over in order to take the next step? These questions can be the starting point toward you changing a substantial part of your life. It could be the first step toward a mindset shift that will set you free from self limiting beliefs that have held you back until now. If you desire change, make the change.

I want to hear from you! Let me know how you plan to take these words and put them to action.

With Passion & Purpose