Is Your Life Worth Taking the Risk?

When I was faced with the decision to open my business, I knew what the answer should be, but still, there was something holding me back. That lingering feeling was FEAR staring me square in the face. Not only was I wrestling with the False Evidence Appearing Real of my belief in myself, I was also combatting imposter syndrome. Was I good enough to start my own business? Did I have the necessary skillset and level of resilience to make it through? What would others say or think? There was so much I didn't know and so much I felt I needed to perfect before getting started so instead of taking the leap, I convinced myself that it wasn't the right time. If I were to continue waiting on the "right time" you wouldn't be reading this blog and I would still be pouring myself fully into a professional role and environment that found me to be replaceable. My mindset needed a shift. 

Years of deep personal reflection brought about self awareness. I knew there was a certain life I wanted to provide for myself and my family. I desire to create options that will allow us to experience life-changing and memorable moments together and understand that it is worth taking the chance on myself. I don’t  want to look back and think "If only I would have...". Instead,  I want my narrative to be "because I did...".There is no progress made by sitting around idly, somot was time for me to put what I knew into action.

I’m an ambitious person that is always looking for an opportunity to develop.  It’s my life’s passion and purpose to provide that same experience to others. No, I am not the only person doing this meaningful work in the world, but I do believe the opportunities I curate will make a difference and change someone’s life.

Most people don’t understand the risk entrepreneurs take. The very definition of the word “entrepreneur” is rooted in doing what many dare not to do. It’s the drive behind our actions that keep us fueled. It’s the WHY of our decision to go against the conventional norms and push harder behind the scenes so that eventually we will reap the benefits of those moments of fierce dedication and discipline that keep us going. My WHY in life is my family and more specifically my daughter. She is God's gift to me and I responsible for ensuring that she is brought up in an environment that promotes the idea of going after what you want in life with no hesitation. In her formative years, it’s my obligation to be an example for her to see of personal investment for the sake of freedom of choice later on in life. I’m blessed to have had a wonderful professional journey to that I am passionate about. My professional career in the corporate arena is what allows me to realize what my purpose in life is. I will forever be grateful  for my experience. However, even with much success in those roles, there is an innate desire for me to design a tangible offering to others that is based solely on my efforts and tenacity. I want to fill the void in people’s lives who believe they are stuck. I aspire to help others to overcome self limiting beliefs that have sunken so deep in ones psyche that they feel they have no other options. I want to ignite a fire that causes action to be taken to recreate a life that is worth living. This is what I was designed to do! 

What/who is your WHY? What areas of your life would change if you took the risk of pursuing your passion(s)? How would you feel? 

Ask yourself these simple questions and intentionally map out what the possibilities might be. You owe yourself that much.