No One Said it Would be Easy.

In a world where people expect immediate satisfaction, it can be hard for some to go after what they desire and stick with it. Why? Because they don't want to wait. They want to reap a reward and expect to win immediately. Well, news flash, it doesn't work that way! I know from personal experience that you will have to try, fail, get up and try again to succeed at any goal or task you set forth to accomplish. 

With that being said, I have a confession. When I was starting on my entrepreneurial journey (or at least what I thought was my entrepreneurial journey), I was chasing after a dream I was sold. I attended a presentation to support a friend and at that time in my life (circa 2015), I was desperately looking for an opportunity that would allow me to leave my job and stay home with my unborn child so that he or she did not have to go to daycare at 3 months old. I have personal reasons for this preference that I won't go into in this blog post, but the point is I wanted more for my life. I wanted to build something on my own and I wanted my child to witness and be a part of it.

When I heard the woman at the front of the room speaking enthusiastically about how she was able to be laid off from her job and replace her income within a matter of months, my ears perked up. She was living the life that I wanted! Now, when she started to speak on the income earning opportunities, my eyes lit up and I began to think about how this could happen for me. I wasn't thinking in terms of "this will and can happen in time". I was thinking "this needs to happen quick, fast and in a hurry!". At the time, I didn't feel like I had the time to wait on success. Man, was I absolutely WRONG! So what did I do? I jumped into something that wasn't a passion for me but rather something that I felt could produce immediate results. Well, it didn't.

Do I feel like a failure because of it? Well at the time, I did, but now that I know what it truly means to be in alignment with your passion and purpose, I take it as a learning experience. After all, it was because of this "first attempt" that I learned about the power and necessity of personal development. I knew that empowering others was something that was important me, (I had been doing it for 10 years in my professional job) but it was because of this perceived "failed opportunity" that I was able to put the concept into practice for myself and then for others. This experience of “failure” was the very thing that allowed for me to birth Alma & Eva during my "second chance" of being an entrepreneur. 

Building a business, acting upon a long awaited dream, or embarking on a new opportunity for yourself is not always an easy task. It comes with ups and down, wins and losses and sometimes moments of loneliness. It takes grit, tenacity and perseverance, but it's ALL worth it!  It's worth it because you decided to take a chance on yourself. It's worth it because you deserve to live a fulfilled life on your terms. So when you are going after anything you desire, remember that no one said it would be easy, so dig deep, pull up your boot straps and do it anyway! 

In Passion & Purpose