Recap: Women Supporting Women Lehigh Valley Small Business Mixer

Empowered women empower women. I am sure you've heard that saying prior to reading this blog post. It is truly what I believe when it comes to executing my passion and purpose. If I were to think back on my involvement in high school and college, I constantly found myself encouraging someone through a life situation. Therefore, it makes total sense that it would become the essence of my business. It’s what I was called to do.

On July 17th Alma & Eva hosted a women small business mixer for the local area. We partnered with Khineder Creations , who was a vendor at the Passion & Purpose in Action Women's Empowerment Summit in April. The connection that the two of us had was a Divine intervention and upon the completion of the summit, we wanted to keep the spirit alive of supporting women on their journeys of passion and purpose. I am STILL on a total high from the mixer.

There were over 20 women business owners present and while our intention was just to offer a space to connect and network, it quickly turned into a session where women poured their hearts out and shared the WHY behind their business and their grind. It was a session filled with PASSION. I left feeling determined to continue the work of Alma & Eva. I left knowing that God has given me this platform to change lives. It was apparent in the response of those in attendance that the event was meant to flow in the manner in which it did.

 “I truly enjoyed myself. Each of the ladies and their stories were interesting and empowering! I left very excited about my future as well as the futures of this awesome group of women. Alma & Eva is a blessing  as are you two ladies! I look forward to the next event!

This event was so amazing. Thank you for putting it together and for all of you amazing women making a difference in the world. I feel lit up form the inside out after leaving tonight!”

What an incredible evening, I am so excited about my life here in the valley, and know that us ladies have so much to offer!! I already know I’m surrounded by amazing women! ❤️ Thank you, Veronica & Khine!”

I am in awe, inspired and encouraged to keep curating experiences that are meaningful to the everyday woman and the fellow purpose driven female entrepreneur. I want to give a sincere thank you to those of you that attended and also to those that sent their best wishes. We will see you at the next event! 

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