Recap: Inaugural Passion & Purpose in Action Women's Empowerment Summit

If you follow Alma & Eva, you know that we hosted our inaugural Passion & Purpose in Action Women's Empowerment Summit on April 28th. I am still in awe at the support and turnout of the event. Over 80 attendees traveled from, Delaware, DC, New Jersey, Philadelphia and the local Lehigh Valley area. The breakout sessions were informative and well attended, the keynote speaker was powerful and the connections made with other women were impactful. Topics of discussion included self care and  healthy mental health practices, childhood trauma and the effect is has on our ability to move forward and the important of grit and resilience as we push forward toward our passion and purpose. I am so very appreciative of each presenter giving their talent and time to make this event a success.

As I reflect on the first major event hosted by Alma & Eva, I am grateful to God for allowing me to inspire and impact the lives of over 80 attendees that were present. Alma & Eva has been created as a vehicle to impact women globally. I, as Owner and Curator, have accepted this calling and look forward to many more opportunities to empower others toward pursuing their passion and purpose in life. This is no small task or undertaking and, oftentimes, the thought of it may be scary. I, too, continue to be on my own self journey. However, I am here to encourage you to take the fears, the hesitancies, the what if it doesn't, and turn them into self-motivating beliefs of what is possible. Everyone has the ambition inside of them to succeed. What will it take for you to initiate yours? 

Here are a few pictures of the event. if you attended, we hope you enjoyed it and will join us again for the 2019 summit. If you didn't attend, we encourage you to join us in 2019 as we make another footprint of passion and purpose pursuing in the Lehigh Valley of PA! 

Veronica Moore