Alma & Eva is a personal development brand that encourages women to combat False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.) in order to actively pursue their passion(s) and purpose in life. We are focused on providing specially curated growth and development opportunities, events and resources for women across the globe.

As an entrepreneur extremely passionate about empowering women, Owner, Veronica Moore has accepted her life’s purpose of being an initiator of the intrinsic desire to be successful within all of us.

Alma & Eva was born out of a desire to encourage others to live a life according to their passion and purpose. It is a testament to owner, Veronica Moore's, personal growth and development. The creation of this brand was a work of Divine intervention. Allow us to explain that concept a little further.

As a part of owner & curator Veronica's childhood, her mother always encouraged her to leave a legacy behind. This message did not resonate with her until a critical point in Veronica’s adult life- carrying her first child. While sitting in prayer and contemplation one day, Veronica thought about the words her mother spoke to her, "leave a legacy". She thought of  a way to honor her mother while also recognizing family members that came before her and immediately the names Alma & Eva came to mind - Alma being Veronica's maternal grandmother and Eva being her paternal grandmother. After a bit more research it was found that the name Alma means "to nourish" and Eva means "to give life" something Veronica's body was naturally doing as she carried her first born. From that moment the concept of the brand was created and has continued to flourish. 

No F.E.A.R. Just Progress is the motto of the brand and everything we create and inspire is based upon this concept.

If you are interested in collaborating with our brand in any way, please visit the "Contact Us" page for how to reach us directly. 

Passion. Purpose. Action

V. Moore