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2019 Annual Passion & Purpose in Action Women's Empowerment Summit

  • Penn State Lehigh Valley (map)

“I am tired of being stuck in the same place that I’ve been in the past year(s)”.

“I desire more in life than my current work or business situation, but I don’t know how to get out of my own way and achieve my aspirations/goals.”.

“I’ve been wanting to step out on faith and pursue a passion of mine, but F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real) has me stuck”.

“I am a working or stay at home mother and really need a day where I do nothing but pour into myself because I spend counltess hours taking care of others.”

“I have my own business and I spend so much time working to develop it, but I haven’t spent the necessary time on my own personal development. I need a day to focus on the person behind the business”.

“I am a lover of all things personal development and I’m always looking for ways to grow as a person”

Do any of the aforementioned statements speak to you? If so, we welcome you to attend the 2019 Passion & Purpose in Action Women’s Empowerment Summit! We are hosting year two of the experience with a goal of changing the ives of as many women as possible in the Lehigh Valley area and those who choose to travel to this event.

As women, there is a lot that consumes our everyday lives. Because of this, oftentimes we neglect the important responsibility of focusing on how we can be the best versions of ourselves. We believe that women should thrive in life, not just survive and we have created Come and take the journey with us as we explore the intrinsic desire in all of us to succeed in life.

We have a jammed pack schedule of intentionally selected workshops and two dynamic main event speakers that are ready to pour into you a message that will ignite action!

As a participant of this event, women will:

  • Identify barriers that are limiting or preventing personal, business and professional success.

  • Explore how their personal areas of passion can be aligned with a purpose in life.

  • Create a plan of action to practice and implement strategies of intentional execution

  • Begin to create relationships with like-minded women looking to pursue their passion and put them into action

  • Network with women who can provide personal, professional and business resources for future partnerships

  • Develop personal, professional and business goals.

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